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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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someone actually called him to pick up the grandchild, but another family member is on the way there. we checked with the u.s. marshals service, all three have been found late this afternoon. we don' t know how they were located, but the volusia county sheriff' s office has promised a news release to give us more details. the bottom line, the grandchild, his mother, and her boyfriend have been found. the suspect had allegedly walked away from a work release job. kentucky. we will have more information later on wesh 2 news. jim: we are also following breaking news on i-4. it is a slow slog this afternoon. you are looking at the tower cam from the road. -- lee road. those people are heading into an and maitland boulevard.
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accident, three lanes of traffic being squeezed into one. you can see one and lives with its doors opened. this is not as serious as the rest yesterday which happened in almost the identical spots and blocked traffic completely for the better part of an hour and a half. this eastbound traffic on i-4, starting to back up way past the wesh 2 studios. that is about a three hour -- three mile backup. we will let you know when we get this to clear out. angela: late-breaking at 5:00, orlando police say they' ve charged a man in connection with a deadly nightclub shooting. it happened last weekend. 10 people were shot, two were killed. police say it started when two rival groups started arguing. jim: this all happened at glitz nightclub just off universal boulevard. the police chief just wrapped up a news conference a press -- a news conference on the investigation. wesh 2' s bob kealing was there. and bob chief john mina says the
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bob: this also contributed to one glenn being allowed inside -- gun being allowed inside. today we learned one man who allegedly admits to having a gun and thirty round clip is facing charges. 23-year-old jose jaime brull lopez is facing felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon in to the glitz nightclub, then tampering with physical evidence later when police say he threw his weapon up on the roof of a shed. that begs the question how did brull lopez allegedly smuggle a nine millimeter handgun in to the club with a 30-round clip stuffed in his pants without he claims being patted down or scanned with a metal detector? how concerning is that this someone could smuggle a handgun with an oversized clip in to this nightclub? >> oh we'
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bob: so much so chief john mina says the glitz club owner has agreed to close until new mandated security measures are put in place. john mina: we' re gonna require request the following, additional security and staff, walk through metal detectors, proper training for their security staff. bob: when police confronted him outside the club, they say brull lopez was standing near a wounded victim who eventually died. at first police say brull lopez lied about going inside the club at all. and lied about being armed. when he allegedly admitted to being inside and pulling out the firearm brull lopez vehemently denied ever firing the weapon. chief, do you consider him a a suspect in these shootings? john mina: i' m not going to talk about the investigation and who our suspects are. bob: of all of the wounded
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and only one remains hospitalized in stable condition. he stopped short of confirming this was gang-related. we will have more at 6:00. angela: that same weekend of the glitz nightclub shooting, another shooting across town claimed the lives of two men in metrowest. the shootings happened at the stoneridge reserve condo complex. that' s just off of robert trent jones drive. 32-year-old antonio jones, who was due to stand trial for importing and trafficking cocaine, is one of the victims. today we learned the second victim was jones' s little brother, 16-year-old christian . this is a photo of them released today by the orlando police department. the two were apparently on their way to a super bowl party together, but never made it. they were gunned down in the parking lot. no arrests have been made and no suspects have been named. jim: roads in central florida, is partially shut down. and it' s been causing a traffic meltdown for hundreds of commuters. we'
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between maitland and winter park. road crews shut down the southbound lanes late last night between monroe and park avenue' s for a big project at the railroad bridge. chopper 2 is live over the area. wesh 2 learned that traffic haven' t been enough police to direct drivers. the department of transportation and its contractors arrange off-duty patrols to help, but t contacted with enough time. this is a four-day project to lower the surface of 17-92 to provide more clearance for big trucks that travel under the railroad bridge. and there is some good news about another mess causing problems for drivers. kennedy boulevard in eatonville just reopened after a water main break. the break was fixed yesterday, but the road still needed repairs. because of the break, many people who live in eatonville are still under a boil water notice. right now, local congressman alan grayson is under attack tonight. and it'
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s top leaders. angela: grayson is the target of sharp comments from nevada senator harry reid, who is calling him unethical and is telling grayson to get out of wesh 2' s political reporter greg fox explains. greg: the fiery local s commanded media attention for statements like this -- >> at this point, the tea party is no more popular than the klan.. greg: and this -- >> the republican health care plan is this, die quickly. greg: is a democratic candidate for u.s. senate. for months, he' s come under fire over revelations that he' s been managing three hedge funds, investment holdings worth millions, while also serving in congress which regulates securities. thursday, the new york times released emails it says, prove grayson used his political office to grow his investments. that' s prompted senate minority leader harry reid, the leading democrat, on the hill, to condemn grayson. quote, alan grayson claims to be a progressive, but it seems like
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he has used his status as a congressman to unethically promote his cayman islands hedge funds, and he should drop out of the senate race immediately. grayson, who vehemently denies any legal or ethical wrongdoing, said " i' m running against a rigged system and the washington establishment, so it' s no surprise that its departing figurehead, relies on a false and misleading hyped story to try to pressure me out of this race. i never used my congressional office to advance any business interest or for personal gain, and to say so is utterly deceitful." the leading democratic fundraiser in the senate race, congressman patrick murphy of jupiter, has so far declined to comment. greg fox, wesh 2 news. angela: according to financial records, grayson has raised nearly $1.8 million, third among all senate candidates, but he has spent nearly all of that money. we' re learning new information about a disturbing, deadly
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it happened this morning at glendale. that' two 15-year-old girls were killed. when police arrived on the scene they found the gun, and say they , are not looking for anyone who may have been involved. both girls had one gunshot wound. right now how they were shot remains a mystery. no one else was hurt. students who attend the high school were taken to a neighboring district and parents picked them up. meanwhile closer to home, an arrest has been made in a deadly shooting in orlando from last august. 22-year-old damario robinson was arrested this week. he' s charged with first degree murder and home invasion. police say he killed devon littles on lighthouse circle over the summer. wesh 2 has learned that days after that shooting, police believe robinson returned to the scene of the crime and taking part in a home invasion. he' s behind bars right now. a deadly accident claimed the lives of two people in palm coast last night. now we' re learning more about how it happened. jim: yeah, this all took place
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investigators say the victims were run over by a dump truck. wesh 2' s claire metz reports, the deaths of kevin walsh and jessica darby are the result of a freak accident. claire: the victims, friends, were run over by the driver of this construction site dump truck who apparently didn' t realize the two were standing behind his dump truck as he was backing away. moments before the accident, he had been trying to help the victims. >> i love him and i miss him. claire: kiera walsh is talking about her older cousin, 29-year-old kevin walsh. this is a picture of the young man who along with 22-year-old jessica darby, got caught up in a fatal chain of events. >> he was always very happy, and like, just like you said, he was very joyous, always wanted to be around his family and his friends. claire: and it was friends walsh called on last night, when, while driving in this construction zone, his pickup got stuck in soft dirt. darby, eight months pregnant, and her fiance came to help but couldn' t get the truck out. they asked the driver of a dump
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out, but 60-year-old paul beagan couldn' t do it either. as he backed the dump truck out, he ran over walsh and darby, killing them instantly. walsh' s uncle, grieving at the scene, says the family is heartbroken. >> he was a very, very good guy, very loving very caring, just don' t understand it. claire: jessica darby' s family was here too but were just too upset to talk on camera. some of her friends however left flowers, a balloon, and her favorite cookies. the dump truck driver, beagan, drove away from the site, apparently unaware he had run over the victims. stopped down the road, he was hospitalized with chest pains after learning what happened. it all sounds like a terribly tragic accident, the dump truck driver trying to help the young people then hitting them as they stood here but fhp tells us , charges in the case are pending and the crash remains under investigation. in palm coast, flagler county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. jim: right now, orlando police
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that robbed a local gas station at gunpoint. this was at the chevron station on south kirkman road. you can see the robber entered the store, point a gun at the clerk and demand cash. money was handed over, but we have not been told how much. the man ran off, the clerk was not hurt. if you know who he is, call orlando police. angela: we want to take you back outside to i-4. this is eastbound where there is an accident between 434 and maitland boulevard. the accident has been cleared, but it is causing quite a backup . at times, only one lane was getting opened. they have now reopened all of the lanes. the accident was minor, but it is causing quite the congestion on the highway. if you have plans to head that way, find an alternate route. it could take a while before the traffic is all cleared up. the report card for central florida schools is out and results are met.
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schools saw failing grades and which ones are rising to the top. and a record heroin bust. how much drugs were seized in marion county. tony: from the freeze a couple
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jim: for the second day in a row, big-time travel -- traffic troubles on i-4. there was a wreck about three miles on the east side. traffic is backing up even though the wreck is cleared. we would normally tell you to use 17-92 as an alternate, but that is a mess because they are doing work on the railroad bridge near the winter park-maitland border. there really is no way around this. once you get past the scene of the wreck, past maitland boulevard, eastbound traffic clears out. angela: it was report card day for all the schools and school districts in the state. the news was over all impressive. seminole and brevard counties got straight a' s and the rest of the local districts flagler, , lake, marion, osceola, volusia and orange, got b' s.
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s largest school district, 80 schools in orange county got a' s. however there was a short list of f schools, eight total. two are charter schools and six are elementary schools orlo vista, rolling hills, ivey lane, eccleston elementary, washington shores, and pine hills elementary. >> they need to figure out what they going to do because that is , not fair to the children. angela: the superintended responded in part saying the grades are of limited value at this point and are viewed as partial grades because they lack critical components such as learning gains. jim: marion county sheriff' s deputies are calling it a record bust. check it out. 1.5 pound of heroin is seized this week. guns, cash and marijuana were , also found. deputies say this record haul was recovered during a traffic stop. angela: now two people are behind bars. wesh 2' s gail paschall brown got a closer look at the drugs
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gail: this is a huge he roin bust here in marion county, the largest in quite some time. it is because of this canine right here. >> yes, she was the one who alerted to narcotics on the vehicle which lead to the serch of the vehicle in order to find it. gail: drug agents from multiple units say it' s the largest amount of heroin they' ve ever seized in a single marion county case. wednesday they arrested stephanie rodriguez and her husband felipe during a traffic stop on i-75 and state road 200. about a pound and a half of herion, with a street value of nearly $100,000 was found in a cassettte player in the couple' s pickup. >> typically in a year we have 2.5 pounds recovered. just in this one bust, we took a noticeable amount of heroin off the streets. gail: the ocala couple faces various charges including armed trafficking in heroin marijuana , and firearm possession. they say felipe rodriguez is a convicted felon.
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assault weapons, and pot were found after more searches including their home in magnolia pointe. marion county sheriff chris blair believes suspects are mid-level dealers, and drugs came form outside marion county. he suspects they' e put a dent in heroin sales and hopefully saved lives. >> they' re just really using different compounds and mixing compounds in with heroin many in -- the ones that are out there buying it, it is really a risk because it could leave to your own death by overdose. gail: the couple has bonded out of jail. in marion county, gail paschall-brown wesh 2 news. jim: really hard to complain about the weather because of the sunny skies. angela: this amulet friday. -- fabulous friday. tony: we are actually above normal. maybe if you have a couple of hours off, go to the coast. the water is cold though.
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good day to be there reading a sunshine. 74 at port canaveral, west-southwest wind. we warmed up with the west-southwest winds. quickly late tonight, this cold front, and it will shift the winds around. the majority of us will not get into the 70' s because of that change in the wind flow from the west-southwest to the northwest tomorrow. enjoy what you have. temperatures in the 70' s. we are running a good 10 to 15 degrees warmer in brevard county and elsewhere about three to five. ocala 67 down to 59 on friday night, not bad. palm coast 67 to 59. overnight temperature, upper 40' s up north. the front works through sooner rather than later across the northern locales.
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we have a dry front, a couple of clouds at daybreak, a little cooler by five to 10 degrees. for valentine' s day, we get the marine influence. a few clouds, comfortable. highs in the 60' s. tomorrow, ocala 62, eustis 60' s, reunion golf course mid-60' s. longwood, deland, stetson university, low to mid 60' s. palm coast to flagler beach, 50' s, but the majority of us will be in the 60' s tomorrow. the track shack raise in winter park, the track shack foundation, temperatures 52, 57, 59. and the osceola county fair is underway right now. a lot of events going on this evening through the next 10 days
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11:00 temperature at 61. the lovers out there, valentines, 40 in the morning, 61 by evening. temperatures will cool after sunset. monday, a couple of coastal showers. tuesday, fast-moving cold front. a couple of showers by the afternoon. we dry out after that. let me show you the updated seven-day forecast. 66, 67, and then 70' s wednesday and thursday in the 40' s. angela: i wanted to take you back outside to i-4 where an accident has now been cleared but causes major backups. i-4 eastbound just west of the maitland boulevard exit. you can see traffic finally starting to move. once you get past the maitland bridge, traffic does move back out. just prepare, give yourself extra time if you have plans
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we angela: firefighters have finally contained a massive warehouse fire in new jersey. the blaze burned out of control for nearly 20 hours before crews were able to get a handle on
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the building was used to store plastic pellets. the fire caused so much smoke that several nearby schools were actually closed today. one firefighter suffered a minor leg injury while trying to put out the flames, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in virginia, a fire marshall is back at the site of an old manufacturing plant that caught fire last night. take a look at what it looked like as the blaze began in roanoke. the plant has been closed for 10 years, but crews had been working to recycle some of the material from the building. crews say debris piles on the property will continue to burn for several days. no one was hurt. jim: nearly a week after a powerful earthquake rocks southern taiwan, 15 more bodies were pulled from the rubble today. the bodies were found under a collapsed apartment complex that came crashing down after last saturday' s 6.4 magnitude quake. the death toll has risen to 94, but officials say that number will likely rise. at least 40 people are still missing and believed to be
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other collapsed buildings. nasa is looking to hire its next generation of astronauts. some of those people could ultimately be bound for mars. a real mission to the red planet could still be 20 years away. but nasa is already looking to build the next class of astronauts. they only need 18 to 14 new astronauts, but 1600 people have applied online. i would love to do it, but i think i a little on the downside. angela: i think you should put in an application and see how far you go. wesh 2 news at 5:30 continues next. jim: stewart moore joins us. stewart: we have all aged out of that, jim. we are learning new information about a rape suspect that has eluded central florida police, for decades. tonight, police say they think douglas adams, seen here in a photo from 2005, stole a dead man' s identity to avoid capture. and why investigators are renewing the search for the black box of the missing cargo ship, el faro. and speaking out. the doctor whose license was
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substance abuse while on the job talks to wesh 2. wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. announcer: it's game night! the only question that needs answering is what meal to make that everyone will love? how about an easy to make pasta with a medley of delicious florida vegetables? pick up some fresh florida zucchini, beautiful golden squash, plump tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic. dice, saut\, combine with the pasta, and serve. everyone's a winner with this flavor packed meal. for more recipes visit look for the fresh from florida label when you shop because, delicious is always
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announcer: you are watching wesh 2. stewart: two weeks after state
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emergency restriction to his medical license, a local doctor is speaking to wesh 2. good evening, i' m stewart moore. angela: i' m angela taylor. he was accused of practicing while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. wesh 2' s matt grant sat down with him today. >> believe it or not there are those of us doctors who really do care about you. matt: dr. norbert falasco is speaking out, two weeks after state officials ordered an emergency restriction of his medical license. >> i am heartbroken. matt: the 65-year-old orlando pediatrician reached out to wesh 2 news wanting to tell his side. this, after the department of health received an anonymous complaint that falasco was drinking and taking pills while treating children. he claims that complaint was made by a disgruntled, former employee. >> did you at any time ever treat any patient while you were intoxicated or under any
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>> absolutely not. matt: falasco told investigators he has a glass of wine one or two nights a week. however, he told me, he drinks one to two glasses a night, and also takes ambien. >> i did not realize that was so profoundly against the law. matt: according to documents, an alcohol screening showed falasco consumed a greater amount of alcohol than he disclosed. he was diagnosed with opioid use disorder with a high potential for relapse. investigators concluded he was unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to patients. >> if i am incompetent bureaucrats, anonymous complaint, your license will be suspended, and we will watch your practice evaporate. matt: in 2003, he was arrested for falsifying prescriptions for hydrocodone and entered a treatment program. at the time you were impaired in treating children? >> at that time, yes. matt: but you weren' t now? >> no.
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parents even though he insists he did nothing wrong. stewart: dr. falasco says he plans to sue the department of health. for it' s part the department tells wesh 2 news they say they s license based solely on an anonymous complaint. wesh 2 has learned that dive teams will be making yet another search for more wreckage of the lost cargo ship, el faro. the ship went down off the coast of the bahamas four months ago after getting caught in hurricane joaquin. ship' s engine power, and sank it. all 33 crew members were lost. while the ship has been found, its black box has not been located. the new search effort will be designed to find that specifically. investigators say it may help them determine what happened in the moments before communication was lost. angela: the anthem of the seas is back home, and we' re starting to get a better understanding of the damage done. the cruise ship sailed back into new jersey earlier this week. just days before, the ship got caught in a wild storm off the coast of the carolinas.
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florida. a coast guard says the intense winds and high waves wound up damaging part of the ships ' s propulsion system. most of the damage was cosmetic, including broken glass and furniture. stewart: palm bay police say he' s a rape suspect who has eluded them for decades. and now they' re launching a new , search to find him. angela: we' re getting a look at one of the last photograph taken of douglas adams back in 2004. he' s wanted for assaulting a child in 1995. stewart: as wesh 2' s dan billow reports, police now think he' s using the name of a dead man, to get around. dan: pam bartley thinks she' s seen him. pam bartley: he was holding a sign like he does carpenter work. dan: douglas adams is described by police as being interested in woodworking. since 1996, he' s been on the run from a rape charge. police say he assumed the identity of a dead man, robert woolly, in 2004. mike pusatere: we' ve gotten various leads throughout the years that he was in the phoenix
5:34 pm
, mexico, miami. dan: in 1996, police took this report from a young woman who says adams raped her in 1984, when she was just eight-years-old. police believe it happened in this rural neighborhood at the edge of the city, and police, along with the us marshal' s service, have seen adams slip through their fingers ever since. it is the victim herself is pushing for a renewed effort to find him. she' s still haunted, of course, by what happened decades ago, and in neighborhoods he was over her shoulder. still reaching out to us, we' re victim. we want to get her closure. dan: pam bartley says she recognizes his picture. pam bartley: if he' s in this area this close, he could be on our street at any time. you know, and that raises red flags to me. dan: police will be interviewing her and hope to talk with others who might help them find a man who was 34 at the time of the alleged rape.
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in palm bay, dan billow, wesh 2 news. stewart: commitment 2016 is coming to central florida. re a trump fan, write this down. the real estate mogul and current front runner for the republican nomination for president will appear in tampa tonight. you better get a move on it. he' s holding a rally at the usf sun dome at 7:00. the past few days since dominating the new hampshire primary on tuesday. angela: and it' s not only trump that' for their support. all remaining candidates for the white house are pushing hard in south carolina, the location of the next primary contest. stewart: we have just received some latebreaking news from the campaign trail that a republican jim gilmore has dropped out of the race. aixa diaz says those votes are now for grabs. aixa: the next two states are more diverse and candidates are hoping to win over more voters before next weekend. with iowa and new hampshire in the rear-view mirror, the focus now turns to south carolina and nevada.
5:36 pm
s a more diverse electorate will change things to some degree. aixa: candidates are looking for the support of african-americans and latinos. they' re also courting christian voters. niall stanage: that christian or evangelical vote is very important in south carolina, it' s traditionally a state that has been hospitable to candidates who appeal to that kind of electorate. aixa: today, several gop presidential hopefuls appeared at a faith and family forum. ben carson: i' ve said it before, my role model is jesus. jeb bush: i do not believe that you put your faith in a lock box when you' re in public life. marco rubio: you can not be a nation founded on the belief that your rights come from god if you do not recognize god. aixa: meanwhile, john kasich is getting the support of a former chris christie fundraiser. the billionaire co-founder of home depot is now backing the ohio governor, who finished second in the first in the nation primary. john kasich: there' s a lot more people that know me today after new hampshire than knew me before new hampshire. aixa: after last night' s debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be at the same
5:37 pm
they are giving separate speeches at the democratic dinner in minnesota. angela: the group who advertises free clinics in florida set up shop at the state capital this week. they are hoping lawmakers give them funding in the next budget. they are asking for $4.5 million to bring clinics up and running. that same amount was given in 2014, and they were able to provide 160 million services. last year, governor scott vetoed all of that funding. stewart: about 2000 -- two dozen health care workers pushing for funding. they want to make sure childcare centers are staffed with better employees and less turnover. the minimum wages $8 an hour. police in south florida are looking for a woman caught stealing packages also doorsteps.
5:38 pm
this camera cut a ups driver leaving a package by the door. moments later, a woman who must have been following him walks up to the door, put the package in her purse, and takes off. the medicine for the child who lives at that house was inside of that package. angela: there are people that are saying coyotes are roaming the streets in brevard county. officials from florida fish and wildlife say coyotes are predators that have a taste for small cats and dogs. they are at the indian beach areas. the fwc says they may come again because of the feral cat problem. >> they are after a food source. if you eliminate that food source, whether it is -- some people may not realize, fruit from trees that is dropping and left alone, dog food or cat food left out, trash, they will go after that. angela: wildlife officials say do not leave your cat or dog unattended especially in the
5:39 pm
that is when coyotes are most active. a local man is charged with stalking and harassing two young girls online. 25-year-old lucas bales told one of the girls he would post address online and tell people to come rate her if she did not send him nude pictures. the girl told her father who went right to the sheriff' s office. deputies say he used the screen name .daddy. they found messages on his computer sent to the girls. stewart: the state department wants you to be better informed about the zika virus. they have opened a hotline. the number is on your screen. the state says you can call for any information about the efforts to stop the spread and any russians you may have. -- questions you may have. for more cases were diagnosed in florida this week.
5:40 pm
this brings a number of cases to 18, each case is travel related. i historic classic catapulted the space program ahead of the rest of the world. the mission to the moon. jason guy shows us you will soon be able to take a future -- virtual to her -- tour. jason: look at this put. that is the saturn rocket blasting off from the kennedy space center taking buzz aldrin and others in the apollo 11 capsule. it was the first to put humans on the moon. >> it is one small step for man. jason: they are using 3-d technology to take you along for the ride. it is on display at the smithsonian national air and space museum. the late -- >> it is exciting to find the
5:41 pm
number and be able to find the transmission with ground control relayed up to them. jason: directions on the grounds head collins linking up with the eagle that took the aldrin and neil armstrong to the moon. >> anybody is going to get to be know what it feels like to be inside. jason: kids say it is cool. >> i usually see models, i don' t see the real thing. jason: it is one giant step for understanding what it is like to live in his race craft. you can experience the 3-d to work when images go online in july. angela: we are following breaking news in orange county. orlando police are investigating a shooting and pine hills areas this was on signal hill road and north lane. no word on why that happened. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. stewart: a closer look at the
5:42 pm
angela: it would happen sooner or later, drone erasing. -- racing. veterans of the gulf war are at an increased risk for the a
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stewart: we continue to follow breaking news out of kentucky. missing flagler county boy, his mother, and he escaped inmate. angela: he just spoke with the tyler' s grandparents, what are they saying? reporter: it is smiles all around and palm coast. earlier we were talking about the anniversary of the disappearance of the toddler. he and his mother and the escaped inmate had gone somewhere, no one knew where.
5:46 pm
worried, asking anyone and everyone to be on the look out. this afternoon, they were found in kentucky. the grandfather is the one who told us the news. here' s what he had to say to us moment ago. >> once i got the call from u.s. marshals, i, hallelujah, it is just so great. all these scenarios are out of my mind, everyone is safe. reporter: and everyone is a safe, everyone was taken into custody without incident in kentucky. the young man, the three-year-old, is in the hand of state services in kentucky. family from pennsylvania, one of the grandmothers, is on her way. she hopes to get there and talk to us by phone, and we will have much more on wesh 2 news at 6:00 . absolute jubilation. everyone is safe, the toddler will be coming home.
5:47 pm
it was bound to happen sooner or later, drone racing. angela: right now high speed tournaments are generating millions of dollars in revenue. wesh 2' s michelle imperato takes a look at the new sport. michelle: charles zablan remembers when it was just a hobby of his one he shared with , a few people on-line. but that was then and this. is now. zablan is now steeped, full-time, in the drone racing craze that he says is blowing up around the world. >> we' re seeing the sport grow from a couple of guys working in their backyards to now multi -million dollar races, all over the world. racing chapters right here in central florida. according to, orlando is home to rotoracers a chapter with more than 120 members. workshops monthly and of course
5:48 pm
and over on the coast, there' s the brevard multi-rotor team which has been soaring the skies since 2012. next month, zablan is helping to organize the world drone prix in dubai, featuring 100 teams from around the world, flying their 80 mile per hour machines through the sky. the winner gets $1 million. and the location for the u.s. qualifier hasn' t been announced yet, so who knows, maybe it could be orlando? and while drone racers want just want to have some fun with this incredible technology they still , have to be mindful of faa rules which now require , registration and restrict flights near airports. michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. stewart: i guess they want good weather whenever they are flying their drones. perfect conditions out there today. tony: meteorologists use drones for forecast. it puts on a new perspective. let me show you me show you a new drone, with an hd camera.
5:49 pm
stewart: tony needs a drone. tony: gofundme. we have got beautiful afternoon by the way, wind out of the west at 16, ahead of the cold front. we have warm winds coming off of the gulf of mexico. we are also getting that from the south of the peninsula. we heat up, into the mid-70' s, now falling back into the upper 60' s knew the villages. if you have dinner plans, you are in good shape. temperatures five to 13 degrees warmer from i-4 east. not dramatically warmer than this time of the year, but heading in the right direction. ocala going down to 59 from 67 at 6:00. palm coast 67 to 59. you might need a light jacket, but it is pretty comfortable. 35 for a morning low in ocala,
5:50 pm
front coming in quickly in the early morning hours. in the afternoon already at fort lauderdale. by sunday we had the east-northeasterly flow, coming off of the atlantic. temperatures will be on the cool side. let' s look at the neighborhood highs, belleview 62, astatula 66, poinciana 67. five degrees warmer than yesterday. ponce inlet, viera at 66. jim payne posing the aquatic polar plunge. special olympics, 59 to 63 from early morning to late afternoon. we also have paws in the park at lake eola, 64 at 1:00. lucas oil 100, 58, 55. have a jacket ready to go in the evening. temperatures will go down quickly at sunset. valentine'
5:51 pm
rain on monday and tuesday. no significant rain or chill after that. stewart: following breaking news in orange county. chopper 2 is over the scene of a shooting in pine hills. this is signal hill road. no word on who was shot or why. police are on the scene. we have a crew on the ground in
5:52 pm
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5:54 pm
stewart: we have seen results in a new medical report tonight. angela: italy takes a split second for us when it is time to laugh or cry with others. the study found that humans have an instinct for mimicking other faces, even without realizing it. it triggers the brain to feel similar emotions from past experiences and create an appropriate response. have you ever wondered what it is like to spend the life at offense and van gogh painting? the new york institute -- the art institute of chicago recently commissioned a recreation of the famous artist' s yellow house bedroom for an exhibit. the display opens on sunday, and the best part tickets are only a night for a pair of tickets. $10 however availability is
5:55 pm
stewart: no victim was found in the areas shooting, but the latest coming up on 6:00. angela: jim payne joins us. jim: a three-year-old local child has been missing for three weeks and has been found. he was located in kentucky with his mother and her white friend who escaped from a volusia county work release program. orlando police charge a man in connection with a nightclub shooting where it can people
5:56 pm
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announcer: you are watching wesh 2. meredith: deadly club shooting. wesh 2 news learns about an arrest after two people are killed and several others hurt. tonight we know what this man is charged with. jim: reid versus grayson. tonight, why the u.s. senate minority leader demands that the
5:59 pm
the race for senator marco rubio' s seat. meredith: traffic nightmare. right now, one of the busiest roads for commuters in central florida is partially shutdown. >> i understand it' s gotta be done. unfortunately we' re just going to have to suffer. meredith: wesh 2 news has learned why enough police have not been out there to handle this bad situation. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. breaking news first at 6:00 three-year-old. meredith: xander quigley disappeared three weeks ago, accused of helping an inmate escape. escape. jim: they were found in kentucky. meredith: dave joins us, and you
6:00 pm
dave: that is the case, and they are really celebrating. they are proud the three were found in kentucky. the most important thing is they were all found a safe, and that is exactly why everybody here is so happy. we were talking with them because it was exactly three weeks today that gary pollack ankle bracelet. his girlfriend helped him get along with them. earlier today when we spoke with frank carr, quigley' s grandfather, he did not know where his grandson was, he was sad, he did not know how this would end. the man was with his daughter and grandson, he did not know how the future would end. he had high hopes, but he got a call from the u.s. marshals service and was thrilled to get that call. >> once i got the call from the


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